This month’s featured sculpture is my expression and interpretation of one of my favorite architectural wonders……The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai !

The stone I chose is Black Chlorite. Whenever I choose a stone,  the shape has a great influence on the finished sculpture. It was only after living with this 115 lb mass for a couple of months that the natural contours made me reflect on one of my most favorite pieces of contemporary architecture….With a bit of “artistic license” I have come up with my interpretation of an already classic work…The Burj Al Arab Hotel.

The use of negative space (the opening within the sculpture), achieves the feeling of lightness and flow which I felt was a needed enhancement.   The finished sculpture weighs in at 85lbs and is finished in a very high gloss.  Usually black chlorite starts out green and during the final stages of polishing the stone turns jet black with little or no trace of the original coloring of green. This stone, when it was completed did not have a pure black finish but much to my surprise and joy subtle  green and gold veining appeared which I gave a very highly polished finish.

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