Stone and Glass

I began working with fused glass two years ago when a dear friend and colleague of mine introduced me to the process. I immediately became infatuated with the medium and the new world of infinite colors. The medium is very difficult to work with because glass behaves the way it wants to and not always what the artist had in mind. This sometimes works in my favor. Being a three dimensional artist I began working glass as sculpture. I now combine glass with translucent stone and marble. This has opened up a new area to explore but the two mediums are difficult to marry. When they finally merge, the result is awesome With all of these combinations of materials there is no end to the possibilities of the creative process.

Fire and Ice

Medium: Fused Glass and Crystal Alabaster
Size: 27″h x 15″w x 15″d
Status: price available upon request

Pass’n Through

Medium: Fused Glass and translucent Italian alabaster
Size: 22″h x 14″w x 6″d
Status: price available upon request

Juxtaposition III

Medium: Translucent Italian alabaster with fused glass
Size: 21″h x 16″w x 9″d
Status: price available upon request

Emerging Spirit

Medium:  Alabaster, Neon, Fused Glass

Size: 26″h x 6″w x6″d

Status: price available upon request

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