The Human Form has been the inspiration to artists for eons and their interpretation in their creations have been as varied as there are stars in the sky…. endless!!
Color also inspires!  I decided to get to work on this huge boulder, chip away at one corner, polish that corner up so that I may get an idea of what the finished stone’s color would be (it is almost impossible to determine stone color until such a polishing is done!)
I unconcealed the softest pink color. It also exhibited a beautiful graininess running through the section I polished.  For me, it immediately conjured up human form, body, muscle, beauty.
I was “inspired!” and began to allow the stone’s faults to guide my chisel as I created.  The grace and movement that is exhibited in this piece, is all a part of what nature had concealed within.  I enjoyed bringing it to completion and hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it…. Welcome to the world..”T&A”

This sculpture  as well as four others will be on exhibit in the Art Spectrum Miami November 30 through December 4th 2016.  It will be represented by DH Gallery of International Artists booth#611 at the Spectrum Miami Tent 1700 NE 2nd Ave,Miami,Fl 33132

Medium:  Pink Alabaster
Dimensions: 25’’h x 10’’w x 9’d
Price: $5900.00

More information available upon request.

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