My inspiration for this work came from my recollection of past studies when I was pursuing my career as a dentist.  Much of the training dealt with theories and ideas about how organisms develop.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, this core learning would later influence my creative self-expression as I sculpt!

The title for me latest piece, comes from 19th century German biologist and philosopher Ernst Haeckel, who coined this phrase. In simple terms, it means that the development of an organism (ontogeny) expresses all the intermediate forms of its ancestors throughout evolution (phylogeny).

The marble I chose came from Turkey and I saw some interesting veining and coloring before I began to carve it. As I thought about the shape, the theories on embryology and evolution came to light. The finished sculpture represented the primitive stages of embryonic development to me.

I’m proud to say that this sculpture recently won a first prize in a juried art exhibition in November. Now, see if you can also see, through this work, how “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny”! I will have this work on display at my gallery.  Please stop by for our monthly “Open Studio”   to celebrate the New Year!

Turkish Marble

28”H x 7” w x 7”d


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