“Etincelle de vie”
Medium: Red Turkish Granite
Dimensions: 58”H x 10” w x 9”d
Price: $15,000.00More information on request

I’m always on the look out for new stones to sculpt. As I was visiting my local stone supplier, I noticed two large marble pieces that had potential for new sculptures. Both pieces were long and narrow which would prove to be a challenge for my final design.
I kept both pieces in my studio for several months, constantly looking at them and developing ideas for their final shape.
My first choice was a large red Turkish marble piece. As I began my journey with this stone ideas and shape began to emerge. After working on it for several months, the finished sculpture emerged.
I had a large black granite base reserved for it’s mounting.The sculpture “Étincelle de vie”
was complete.
Please enjoy it as much as I had in creating it.



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