From its outset, Art Deco style was influenced by the bold geometric forms of Cubism
This month’s sculpture started out as a rectangular block of rich, translucent, honey colored alabaster. The stone was cut into a straight block when I purchased it as the raw material. What a perfect time, I thought, to experiment with a more angular, cubist design rather than my usual curvilinear style.

Normally, I begin using a naturally occurring irregular piece of stone and I allow the shape of the piece to influence my design.  Since there were no natural guides to follow in this very oblong, almost brick shape piece of stone, it was a challenge getting my creative juices cranking.

After giving considerable thought, I recalled the rich angularity of South Beach, Miami architecture.  Yes, I thought, let me transform this “block” into an original art deco design.  I had found, indeed, my inspiration and I began to “chip away”.  What I present to you is my interpretation of a time reminiscent of the glory found in the era of Art Deco design!  I call it “Deco”.

Translucent Honey Alabaster

18”H x 8” w x 7”d


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