Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, mutually dependent circumstances give rise to the “result”…..Case in point…. A few months ago a friend was cleaning  out his garage. He called me over to check out a couple of pieces of alabaster that were sitting there for years.  He had the good intention of eventually approaching the alabaster with hammer and chisel but that never happened.

So, when it was time for Spring Cleaning, Roger called me over and gifted me with a wonderful piece of dark gray alabaster. One stone in particular caught my attention. It was a very dark gray alabaster with an irregular shape.

I’m always drawn to irregular forms because it gives me more inspiration to create something within the stone’s boundaries. As I began working on it I wanted to make sharp angles and carry out  a sense of an architectural theme.

As the forms progressed. I noticed that there was only a small section of stone connecting the  two forms that I created. There was a strong possibility that the stone would break at that juncture. As I polished the stone I realized its fragility and worked very carefully. Well gravity, along with fragility, all took over and the stone split creating to separate pieces!  How inspirational this became as I still felt strongly that the two separate pieces now needed to be re-connected. This lead to a new design and with the addition of two stainless steel rods which I used to re-unite the two pieces again!  The negative space between the two sections of this sculpture are as significant to the design as the stone itself. Opposing Positions was born.

This sculpture  as well as four others will be on exhibit in the Art Spectrum Miami November 30 through December 4th 2016.  It will be represented by DH Gallery of International Artists booth#611 at the Spectrum Miami Tent 1700 NE 2nd Ave,Miami,Fl 33132

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